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Friday, December 10, 2004
What the FUCK is this piece of shit world coming to? Dimebag Darrell RIP !!!
Looks like I'll be listening to the Pantera back catalog on the iPod for the next several weeks....

Friday, April 09, 2004
Well a lot as happened in the past month.
I had my 10th year out of school reunion at Galston Club a couple of weekends ago. Interested if slightly depressing evening.
Felt cruddy the next day after numerous $4.40 bourbon and cokes (started with about $250 - didn't have much left and we Visa-ed the $40 worth of dinner). The next afternoon when going grocery shopping, reversed my car into Doug's mum's which was in my driveway from the night before. GRRRRRRR . Only scraping damage (most of it on my car), and most to my previously untarnished rear bumper. Double GRRRRRR.
Now on holidays from work for 12 days and having a health-kick. Going to try to EBay some of the crap I've accumulated to save for an iPod . Must have my entire CD collection in my pocket on random, and they just look so cool (no I'm not turning into a Mac user)!
Friday, March 05, 2004
I found out yesterday that my dear colleague, partner-in-crime and Friday afternoon drinking buddy Philippa Kenny had suddenly succumbed to cancer just last Wednesday evening. When we all thought she was on the improve from the two scares of last year. I was so impressed that a Mum of two (Patrick and Sally) and wife to Michael could out-Simpson quote me at any time of the day. She will be sorely missed on Friday afternoons, if I ever need a shoulder to lean on and whenever I need Simpsons quote (currently every 5 seconds or so).
"Your ideas intrigue me, I wish to subscribe to your news letter. "

Monday, February 16, 2004
Another week and weekend gone. A good weekend with much entertaining, drinking, standing outside watching the neighbour clean the engine-bay of a car (while drinking), more entertaining, starting a Monday of work and surprisingly being able to function.
Monday, February 09, 2004
Dusted the "High Velocity" Dimplex fan yesterday - all the dust and crap on the blades slowly made it crappy. It's back to 3 degrees of hurricane again.
It's too hot to work. I can't drink beer when driving. I can't drink beer at work. I'm drinking beer now.
I'm glad Saturday is one day closer yet again.
Had the car professionally washed yesterday because I want it to rain tonight - should rain mud on the Sonata. Yay!!
Sunday, February 08, 2004
Getting hotter - just sat in the car for 2 mins to stick the new rego sticker on - started perspiring from places I didn't know it was possible to perspire from.
More Coopers Sparkling and now Mr Bungle which sums up my mental condition perfectly.
Doug is visiting later - it's nice to drink in the company of others.
Another hot afternoon, at least the chores are largely over. It's too hot again. Anathema is my choice of music for the afternoon. More Coopers Sparking Ale.......