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What am I doing brewing beer?

I got the urge to homebrew (again) in February this year after coming back from a holiday in Perth. I stayed with a mate who was brewing fine beer, and I though I could certainly equal if not better the quality. :-) I did have a short unsuccessful stint at homebrew about 4 years ago. Washing 2nd-hand bottles and impatience on my part made for a very sour and “off” Coopers Stout and a dodgy and copper-tasting high alcohol Coopers Dark Ale. I gave away my original Wander kit about three years ago. I’ve much more recently (late-Feb) this year bought a new kit from Pacific Brewing in Blacktown and haven’t looked back since (7½ brews in 7½ weeks so far and counting). On this site, so far, you’ll find some photos of my efforts and equipment so far, my brews and notes, as well as, links to some of the finest homebrew sites I’ve been able to find. For those people in the North-Western suburbs of Sydney, I would definitely recommend The Country Brewer. Great shop, huge range and Shawn the owner is the most down-to-earth shop-owner that I know. Check out his site on the Links page and note that he DIDN’T in anyway endorse this mention ;-) Below are some photos of my brews and equipment are below. As always more with be posted as they happen.
First day and what not to do……

The first day I brought my new brew kit home naturally I was eager to look at all the exciting bits and get brew number one under way. As I often do with a new toy, I “modified” one piece of it into oblivion (ask the left-hand tweeter of my 4 year old Bose 4001 speakers with the speaker-cover hole in the cone). I had trouble fitting the airlock into the grommet through the “far-too-small” hole in the lid of my shiny new fermenting bucket. Those homebrew shop types definitely didn’t provide me with a hole large enough, so out came the Stanley knife (maybe in my case it should be called the Satanley knife). I modified the perfectly round, but way too small hole into a larger and definitely not round shape. My first brew after 2 days created just enough pressure to keep the water levels unequal in the airlock, but not enough to actually start bubbling. Some silicon sealer fixed the problem but I have to reapply it with each brew (not too much of a hassle). I know it’s not meant to be anywhere near foodstuffs, but so far my beer that I have tried was fine and it only goes on the outside of the fermenter. If anything the pressure from the fermentation is pushing out and not allowing any of the silicon into the fermenter.
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Batch A

My first brew (see My Brews for information).
Please disregard the Jack Daniels badge, it's a good glass.
Batch B

The extremely bitter Cooper's Bitter. Very yummy.
Batch D

Morgans Blue Mountains Lager, which I turned into a very nice Ale (fermented at too high a temp.) As you can see from the icy chunks, this was the perfect temperature for drinking (for me).

Batch E

Coopers Brewmaster Nut Brown Ale, not a bad drop but will improve with age (hopefully ;-))
Batch F

Now that I have remembered to take a photo BEFORE I started drinking, here you go. ESB Special Stout, very very nice after only 10 days.
My brew area (used to be the kitchen). I need to find a house with a garage ;-)

Last updated on Wednesday 18th April 2001